Arm Laser Liposuction in Portland, Oregon.

Have you been struggling to shift the fatty deposits on your upper arms? Have you been working out for a while at the gym, but no matter how many push-ups you do, that stubborn arm fat just won’t budge? At VIP Medi Spa, you can get the help you need, with treatment targeted to your specific needs and requirements.

What is arm liposuction?

Arm liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes extra fat from your upper arms. Even if you exercise, you may not be able to tone this area. Toning your upper arms can be discouraging. It is an area that retains stubborn fat, and this is the most difficult type of fat to eliminate from your body. Even when you build muscle, you may not achieve the contours that you desire. Liposuction in the upper arm area removes the fatty bulges to give you real results.

Dr Max Grishkevich will discuss the treatment options with you to determine if you are good candidate for the Arm Liposuction procedure.

What are the benefits of arm liposuction?

Liposuction gives your upper arms a slender appearance by reducing localized fat that develops with age and changes in your weight. Arm fat liposuction may be combined with hand liposuction to give your entire arm a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. If you have thinning skin on your hands, you may be a good candidate for fat injections rather than liposuction on your hands. Liposuction can also be used for shoulder fat removal to further sculpt the upper part of your arm.

Candidates for arm liposuction

Upper arm liposuction is less invasive than surgery, and it typically only requires local anesthesia and a sedative. This makes it an ideal option for people who may not be good candidates for general anesthesia. You should have good skin laxity, as well. If you do have some loose skin, we may recommend one of our skin tightening treatments after your recovery from arm liposuction.

How is arm liposuction perfomed?

Arm sculpting procedures with liposuction are less invasive than surgery, such as an arm lift. A series of incisions measuring 1/8” to ½” are made in your upper arm area. A cannula is inserted through the incision, and the arm laser liposuction device melts the excess fat cells. The cannula is equipped with a suction device that removes the fat. Liposuction allows for the precise sculpting of a flabby upper arm to create a natural appearance.

Does liposuction work on arms?

Yes! The good news is that arm liposuction can effectively treat stubborn deposits of fat on the arms. This is a popular procedure for both men and women, addressing both arms in one procedure, but only the upper arms are treated, not the forearms.

How long does arm lipo recovery take?

The length of your recovery depends on the size of the area treated. But, in general, if it was a small treatment area, you may be able to return to work after a few days (if the job is not physically demanding), and larger treatment areas may need up to 7 days to allow for recovery.

Will the fat come back after arm liposuction?

This will depend on your lifestyle. The fat won’t return if you continue to exercise and eat a healthy diet. But, if you gain weight after the procedure, it is possible for fat to return.

Does arm liposuction leave scars?

Depending on the type of lipo procedure, you will likely have no scarring, but in some cases, there may be some small scars that fade over time.

This is what you can expect from your appointment with us

We invite you to relax as you look forward to the incredible results that your arm liposuction procedure will offer.

At VIP Medi Spa, we offer liposuction services that are tailored to the individual’s needs, including:

  • Tumescent Lipo, where fluid is injected into the upper arms before the fat is removed through a cannula with a suction device.
  • SmartLipo, this body sculpting technique uses laser to melt the fat, which is removed through a gentle suction.
  • LaserLipo, a minimally invasive technology that liquefies fat which is then removed through a cannula.
  • Lipodissolve, this is injected directly, dissolving and emulsifying the fat deposits.

Results vary from person to person, depending on the extent of the surgery, the type of liposuction and the size of the removed fat deposits.

Arm liposuction recovery

An arm compression bandage is used after lipo to hold the tissues in place and minimize swelling. Recovery from arm liposuction takes up to four weeks. Your arm liposuction recovery may be shorter if you are having only a small amount of fat removed. Due to the small size of the incisions, arm liposuction scars are difficult to see. Initially, the incisions heal with a scar that is slightly pink. Over the following 12 months, the scars change to a color that is a little darker than the surrounding skin.

Risks and complications associated with Arm Liposuction

Risks and complications associated with arm liposuction are rare, and it is important to have the procedure performed by an experienced aesthetic physician. Inconsistent results are the most common issue with arm liposculpture. This includes indentations and other irregularities with the upper arm contours. Moderate scarring is another rare complication of lipo for the upper arms. Infection may occur, as well, after liposuction for skinny arms.

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