Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Portland, Oregon.

One of the most common procedures that are doing the rounds today is the famous Brazilian butt lift surgery, also known as the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure.

Many women have adopted the BBL surgery in Portland since it helps increase the size, enhance the contour, improve firmness, lift, and correct proportional balances of the buttocks. A Brazilian buttock lift surgery and fat transfer to the buttock are the same. The specialist typically does liposuction of the lower back, sides, and often abdomen to remove unwanted fat and harvest fat for transfer.

Analyzing the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery

The most prominent question that people ask when they are considering the Brazilian butt lift surgery in Portland OR is whether the fat transfer augmentation procedure really benefits them and gives them the desired result that they are expecting. The procedure will generally take from 2 hours till 4 hours on average, depending on various factors.

These could be the amount of fat that needs to be removed, the number of areas that have to be treated and the desired shape and size of the buttocks. The most common procedures chosen by patients are the autologus and the tumescent liposculpturing surgical techniques. Here is a brief overview about these two surgical techniques in the Brazilian butt lift.

Tumescent liposculpturing

This procedure is an essential part of the surgery, since the tumescent fluid, which is made from a concoction of adrenaline and local anesthetics is injected into the area that needs to be treated. This will numb the area and also control any bleeding, while also making it more convenient for sucking out the fat through a cannula. The cannula is a tubular, blunt instrument.

Autologus fat transfer

After the tumescent liposculpturing procedure has been completed, the fat that has been collected is then processed and placed into separate syringes. These syringes will then be connected to the cannula to inject the processed fat into the deep fat and the muscles of the buttock thereby, giving it a much better shape and the classic Brazilian butt lift appearance.

Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is a body-enhancing surgery that adds volume to the buttocks, improves their shape, and lifts their buttocks. Women who are considering the surgery need to be in good physical health and have the preferred anatomy and stable weight to achieve the desired results from the Brazilian butt lift.

The procedure is commonly adopted along with liposuction surgery since it allows the person to achieve a better body shape. The most suitable candidates for this procedure are people who have the following:

  • Sagging buttocks
  • Flat buttocks

various techniques are adopted by surgeons when it comes to the Brazilian butt lift. This may generally depend upon the amount of fat the person has and the degree of transferred fat that needs to be injected into the buttocks. Suitable candidates for this surgery will need to consult with their plastic surgeon before undergoing the surgical procedure.

BBL recovery

Recovering from Brazilian butt lift can be a lengthy and uncomfortable process, but when done correctly, the results are worth the initial discomfort. Immediately after the procedure, you will experience some soreness and swelling in the area. This is perfectly normal and should gradually lessen with time along with any pain associated with it. However, it is important to strictly adhere to instructions from your doctor while recovering as not doing so could potentially interfere with your long-term results or even lead to infection. As such, it is best to get adequate rest and wait until given permission by your doctor before being overly active or engaging in strenuous activities.

After the surgery has been completed, the patient may be required to wear protective, supportive clothe and compression garments for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. You also should avoid sitting. The recovery time of the patient generally depends upon the type of procedure that was used and whether liposuction was performed. Most patients have been able to go back to work within one to two weeks, and it varies among individuals who have the surgery.

The profs of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is one of the most popular surgical procedures right now, and people worldwide are considering it to improve their physical appearance. Women seem to be in the majority when it comes to this surgery, and even celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce who have undergone surgery are admired all over the world due to their well-proportioned bodies. The main benefit of the Brazilian butt lift procedure is that it allows both men and women today to achieve a well-balanced and well-shaped body. Here are some of the positives that many patients have quoted about the surgery:

  • Relatively short downtime
  • Zero chance of rejection
  • Less risk of infection
  • Little discomfort
  • Feels like muscle
  • Slimming effect
  • Uniformed and natural look

There are lots of incentives that patients gain from the Brazilian butt lifts since it enhances the physical appearance and allows the patient to enjoy better health. This is because the body is well proportioned and thus ensures that the patient never has to worry about weight issues.

Risks of Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift comes with a risk of fat embolism, which can disrupt breathing and cause an allergic reaction to the anesthesia used during surgery. There is also a risk of infection in the injected area if proper sanitation procedures are not followed correctly. Though rare, nerve damage in some cases could cause permanent numbness or tingling sensations in treated areas. Additionally, for some patients, there can be excessive scarring, lopsidedness in the procedure area, or even tissue damage unrelated to surgery, such as skin erosion or necrosis. It is important to discuss all risks thoroughly with your surgeon.

Brazilian Butt Lift VS. Butt implants

The decision between Brazilian butt lifts and butt implants is difficult as they both offer unique advantages. The BBL surgery takes existing fat from other body parts to enhance the shape and projection of the buttocks. You get a more natural look and feel because it uses your own tissue. Butt implant surgery uses inserts made of silicone or other materials to be placed within the muscle for a more significant enhancement and long lasting result.

Final word on the Brazilian Butt Lift

For most people having an attractive butt is essential since it brings balance, contour, shape,e, and size to their overall body appearance. The buttocks can lose their shape due to several reasons, which are:

  • Weight loss
  • Aging
  • Pregnancies
  • Genetics
  • Weight gain

The Brazilian butt lifts allow the patient to have an awell-proportionedd body and therefore look more attractive. The best thing about the surgery is that it uses the excess fat in the body; it is then processed and finally injected back into the buttocks to give a firmer and more rounded butt. The excess fat is usually taken from the back, hips, thigh,s or abdomen through liposuction,n. If there is sufficient fat, it will provide the best results in terms of the Brazilian butt lift surgical procedure.

Will my buttocks appear overall larger?

Not necessarily. Because of the liposuction of the lower back and sides, the patient first receives a great waist line, and lifted buttocks simply receive fuller, rounder, appealing appearance.

Is Brazilian butt lift for me?

The ideal patient is in good and healthy shape but has some extra fat deposits that need to be removed, providing the necessary fat for transfer. A good candidate who plans to undergo a tummy tuck or liposuction of the back, thigh, or other areas is a great candidate. These patients have extra fat in undesired areas but usually have a flat butt. The procedure can naturally create those youthful and healthy curves.

How much does Brazilian butt lift surgery cost?

The cost of surgery will vary depending on how much fat needs to be removed and how much needs to be injected into the buttocks. You may also need additional anesthesia, hospital stays, and other associated costs.