Thermage in Portland, Oregon

Thermage is a non-intrusive radio wave therapy that helps recovering the look and feel of aging skin on different parts of your body. Thermage procedures require minimal recovery time and are customized to your needs. If you want your skin to look sleeker, smoother and younger, but can’t afford a lot of time away from work or your social life, choose Thermage!

What is Thermage?

Thermage® is an advanced technology used to tighten the patient’s skin and reduce wrinkles and lines. Thermage is typically recommended to men and women with mild to moderate sagging skin and wrinkles. This is a non-surgical procedure without any downtime. Patients use thermage to tighten loose skin on the neck and jaw line, but some also find it effective when using to tighten the skin of thighs, abdomen, and arms.

For all those people who want a solution that not only works as promised, but also involves no surgery – Thermage ® procedure at Dr. Grishkevich Max’s VIP MEDISPA is the IDEAL SOLUTION.

What's the secret behind Thermage?

There is no denying the fact that miracles do happen even to this day. Just look back at your life and you’ll remember that you have indeed experienced a number of them. Thermage treatment is no less than a miracle.

Thermage treatment is an outcome of some of the most extensive research carried out by scientists in cosmetic and reconstructive medicine till date. It is a non-surgical alternative to tightening the skin.

It works by using a radio frequency on your skin’s deeper layers. Thermage skin tightening procedure can treat the following:

  • Your Eyes: It does so by reducing ‘hooding’ (which is a loose skin found on the upper eyelid); it tightens and lifts the skin of the eyelids, and reduces wrinkles both above and below the eyes. It also effectively lifts the eyebrow line, making the eyes look as if they are more ‘open’.
  • Your Face: Thermage is not only for the skin around the eyes, but for skin all over the body, including your face. It is highly effectual in tightening the sagging skin and smoothening it. It tightens the cheeks and lifts the skin along the jaw line while reducing double chin.
  • Your Body: The skin all over the body can be treated by Thermage. Body lines can be smoothened and silhouette is made just right.

All of these can be treated with thermage laser treatment without even a single scar!

Does Thermage work?

Thermage is a skin rejuvenation treatment that is patented and is performed by a ThermaCool machine at Dr. Grishkevich Max’s clinic. All other types of skin rejuvenation procedures such as therma-lift simply cannot be compared with the outcome of a Thermage treatment.

Around a million people have already had their Thermage procedure performed with exceptional results. It’s a procedure that is common among both women and men. Positive feedback from our clients vouches for the success rate of this procedure, and you should be fully confident that this is indeed the ideal way to look and feel younger.

How does Thermage skin tightening work?

Thermage treatment is a non-surgical alternate that effectively tightens the skin at various places all over the body, leaving you feeling younger and better-looking. To achieve this, it makes use of a radio frequency to reach to the deep layers of the skin (dermis), and creates a heating effect there. This gentle heating effect causes the existing collagen to tighten, while stimulating growth of new collagen. Collagen is a vital chemical that plays an important role in maintaining the health of the skin. This heating effect leads to a transformation of cells, starting from the bottom skin layers and extending to the top layer.

Thermage uses radiofrequency energy (RF) to heat up the deep layers of collagen which makes the body produce new volumes of collagen resulting in tightening of the skin and its rejuvenation. Thermage is a unique technology as it uses a smart Thermatip™ that uses the energy to treat problematic areas precisely, leaving the outer layer of the skin protected. The treatment typically lasts 30 min-2 hours (depending on the area to be treated). Our office offers patients simple analgesic to help relieve minor discomfort. There is no downtime after procedure, so you may return to work and your social life immediately.

Aging is a natural process that cannot be avoided. Many of us try different methods to stay looking younger for longer; however, many of the methods out there are not safe at all, while some do not deliver what they promise. There are surgical procedures that do show some improvements, but they have their own set of disadvantages and risks. Some people are simply not comfortable getting under the knife.

This procedure effectively lifts skin tissue, reduces wrinkles, and lifts eye brows, the cheeks and jaw line. All of this causes the appearance of a person to change for good – making them look younger. It can shape the whole body, or just the face as needed. What makes Thermage unique is its ability to treat only those areas that are affected by sagging skin.

A detailed outline of Thermage treatment can help you better understand what goes on:

  • Throughout the treatment, Thermage device monitors the skin’s temperature in order to protect the skin by applying a cooling spray at the start, during, and at the end of the application of heat.
  • A heating sensation and slight vibration is felt throughout the procedure, which indicates that the collagen is indeed reaching the ideal temperature needed for tightening.
  • A ThermaTip device is used to properly deliver heat to the underlying tissues of the skin.
  • Radio frequency is capable of reaching the deeper layers of the skin, and this is provided by the thermage laser.
  • As the procedure continues, the outer skin layers are cooled. This and the use of ThermaTip have made thermage face treatment almost completely pain-free.
  • The results are almost instant at the end of the procedure, leaving you excited and brimming with joy.

A typical Thermage treatment procedure in Portland OR takes an hour for facial treatments, and around an hour and half for body treatments. Also, Thermage cost varies according to the extent of the skin that needs treatment.

How long do Thermage effects last?

Due to the fact that Thermage works by stimulating collagen in the deep skin layers, the results achieved at VIP MEDISPA last for years to come. In fact, with time, as the new collagen starts to form as a result of this procedure, the skin gets better and better, leaving you and your friends surprised at your rejuvenated skin.

How safe is Thermage?

Thermage treatment is clinically tested and approved by the FDA to be used as a cosmetic procedure. It has been around for around a decade, and with almost 1 million successful procedures that showed no negative after effects, it would be reasonable to say that Thermage is completely SAFE!

However, everyone is different, and some people might experience slight redness, bruising or swelling which generally goes away within a day or two.


The results of Thermage can be comfier by checking out before and after reviews from people who have undergone the procedure. If you are interested in getting your skin back to the way it was when you were younger – look no further and contact Dr. Grishkevich Max at VIP MEDISPA to arrange an appointment!

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