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Scars Treatment in Portland, Oregon

Scars are the outcome of injury repair and are composed mostly of fiborous tissue. Scars vary in texture and size according to severity of trauma received–the deeper the wound the more intense the scar.

Scar Types

  1. Hypertophic/Keloids Scars – these scars are characterized redness and a raised border caused by excess collagen production.
  2. Contracture scars – are remnants of burns or more severe injury. These scars may affect mobility if they span large areas or if their depth reaches muscles or nerves.
  3. Acne scars – appear as pitted marks across the face and serve as a bad reminder of adolescence.

Scar Removal Treatment Include:

  • Chemical Peel
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Filler Injections
  • Laser Treatments
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